IgG Placental Transfer in Pregnancy


This is a fascinating article. Especially if you’re one of the ladies that’s asked about getting pregnant with CVID. My eyes glazed over a few times as I read through, but I’m glad I stuck with it. They directly address PID and IgG Placental Transfer at number eight. It’s a technical read, however you can gather some interesting info from it.

IgG Placental Transfer in Healthy and Pathological Pregnancies

Clinical and Developmental Immunology
Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID 985646, 13 pages

Placental transfer of maternal IgG antibodies to the fetus is an important mechanism that provides protection to the infant while his/her humoral response is inefficient. IgG is the only antibody class that significantly crosses the human placenta. This crossing is mediated by FcRn expressed on syncytiotrophoblast cells. There is evidence that IgG transfer depends on the following: (i) maternal levels of total IgG and specific antibodies, (ii) gestational age, (iii) placental integrity, (iv) IgG subclass, and (v) nature of antigen, being more intense for thymus-dependent ones. These features represent the basis for maternal immunization strategies aimed at protecting newborns against neonatal and infantile infectious diseases. In some situations, such as mothers with primary immunodeficiencies, exogenous IgG acquired by intravenous immunoglobulin therapy crosses the placenta in similar patterns to endogenous immunoglobulins and may also protect the offspring from infections in early life. Inversely, harmful autoantibodies may cross the placenta and cause transitory autoimmune disease in the neonate.

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About ZzZappergirl

I was first told I had CVID in November 2011, and got my actual diagnosis February 2012. As I've read 100 times over in others stories, I too have had a rash of bad doctors that I'm still trying to figure out. I started SubQ Hizentra in March. It's been a bumpy ride. There's good days and bad days, but the good slowly start to outweigh the bad. And when the bad happen, I just let them. I used to fight them and make them worse. Now I just admit defeat and go with it. Sometimes I push through it and come out the other side a raging ball of emotional goo that my poor husband has to pick up and spoon feed kind words and rational thoughts to. So I try to just accept, rest, relax, and try again tomorrow. That's me. For now at least... Tomorrows always another day to do something new!

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